Described as ‘like Death From Above 1979 on the beach’ and having ‘a stage presence larger than life’, The Stiffys have built an outstanding reputation on the national touring circuit for breaking hearts and bar takings records alike.

With an ethos centred around always believing in yourself and having a really nice time regardless of the consequences, the Melbourne two-piece place a heavy emphasis on fun and manage to turn every show they play into a party. Their over-exuberant personas and electric onstage energy has won the band a steadily growing legion of fans nationwide.

Bassist Jason Leigh and drummer Adam Stagg began developing a cult online following in 2012 through their weekly instructional videos and positive social messages, as well as their hard partying lifestyle.

The Stiffys have been invited to play festivals such as the Big Day Out, Festival Of The Sun and Valley Fiesta, toured the country with the likes of The Beards, David Liebe Hart (Tim and Eric, Awesome Show Great Job), Gay Paris and The Snowdroppers.

The release of their recent singles ‘KISSY KISSY’ and ‘KING OF THE INTERNET’ garnered rave reviews from media around the country, video play from RAGE, support from Triple J Unearthed and community radio and being nominated as Channel [V] Discover artist of the month.

It’s like if Death From Above 1979 were Australian and drunk their whole career.” – 4ZZZ radio.

Kick Another Flip is The Knack meets Josh Homme at Piedmontes, they size each other, skate to the bowl, smoke one and kick out the hams.” – Mikey Cahill, Herald Sun.

Australia’s adored scallywags.” – Tonedeaf

Cheeky punks.” – The Age.

There is actually a distinct, moist level of sensuality to this new cut by tongue-in-cheek Melbourne rockers The Stiffys (no pun intended). The lyrics make a pretty literal break-down of what’s involved in pashing someone off, but they lay it over a driving groove that has a lot of swagger and a lot of burn.” VMUSIC BEST NEW SONGS APRIL 24 2015

… any song with the come-on “I’ll lick your teeth” and a video featuring an interplanetary make-out (literally) is doing something right. “ – FasterLouder

Never think you need a lead guitar or keys to make a decent band; The Stiffys soon prove you can pump out cheeky cock rock with only bass and drums.” – The Music

“One of THE DWARF’s favourite bands.” – The Dwarf.

“The Stiffys have become a hugely in demand act on the live circuit. What makes this band so likeable are Leigh’s juicy baritone, his low tuned guitar that appears to be run through a bass amp and a guitar amp and Adam Stagg’s visceral drumming. It is the energy and, suitably, the grooviness of We Are Groovy Boys that makes this release so likable.” – Beat Magazine.

Just two more words, really. Boogie Boarding. Surf rock crowd pleaser and all-round cool guy song is pure genius – it only has two words. Opening with heavy drums and a raging bass line, the boogie boarding mantra begins, hooking you in all its combinational glory. Hard rock at its finest.” – hhhhappy.com

You’ll definitely want to be The Stiffys’ mate, but perhaps not their manager.” – The Music.

Not only does the two-piece implement vocals, bass (sent through an effects-motherboard) and drums with a corporeal thrust, but each one of their songs is liable to imprint itself in your memory and forcibly erupt from your larynx. Accordingly, tonight the close-to-crowded dance area became a pool of boisterous bodies, moving in rum-soaked unison.” – Augustus Welby, Beat Magazine.

“My love affair with The Stiffys only began a few weeks ago, but boy, has it been intense. They’re my ultimate band, really – two bearded men in sailor outfits singing songs about sexy lemonade and erections.” – It’s My Kinda Scene.

“The Stiffys might be the most important band to come out of Melbourne in the last five years.” – Dan Watt, Watt’s On.

The Stiffys are an anomalous, curious entity in Australian’s musical landscape. Their deft lyricism and navigation of recurring themes coupled with a refined stylistic sensibility sees them present as descendents of story-tellers like Cohen, Dylan and Cave.” – Nick Clarke, Poncho TV.

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